The power of Twitter



Are you on Twitter?

If you’re not, you should get over there and sign up! It’s an amazing way to connect with people you’d never normally connect with. I ‘tweet’ with loads of different people; fellow dieters, mumpreneurs, amazing crafty peeps and even celebs.

I’m very grateful to the lovely people I’ve got to know through twitter as I’d have never known they were out there if it wasn’t for their random tweets, their RTs (re-tweets) and their twitpics. Many of the folk i’ve ‘tweeted’ with i’ve never met with in real life but you know what that doesn’t matter at all, they are so supportive and understanding and it’s amazing to know that someone out there will have probably had an experience similiar to yours and can share their thoughts and feelings.

I’ve also been very lucky enough to tweet about the new website and many of the lovely folk on their have RT’d my mini-adverts to many of their friends. It’s incredible to think of how many people around the world you can reach with twitter.

So, if you want to hear more from MrsShilts I tweet under the very obvious username @mrsshilts get over there and get connected!

Come find me and say Hi {sig}

*P.S This isn’t a sponsored post, I am just grateful to all the lovely followers I have on twitter for their kind words, support and encouragment. Thank you all! x

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