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Don’t know if you ever feel the same but you know sometimes when you feel really crap and you just don’t know how to pull yourself together but you know you need too? I’m feeling like that at the moment. I start off each day with good intentions and then as the day goes on, I end up eating rubbish and then feeling ten times worse for doing so. I really really really need to get some energy and give myself a really good kick up the arse! So if anyone fancies being my personal trainer/motivator please get in touch, I could really use your help!

For the past couple of days, I have felt really tired and quite down and aside from the weight thing, my health is pissing me off. I’ve been diagnosed with an underactive thryoid (hypothyroidism – which runs in our family) and i’m now taking daily drugs to try and regulate the hormones that my thyroid produces. I’m not entirely clued up on it all but the most I do know is that my thryoid isn’t producing enough hormones and this slows down my body’s metabolism, leading to symptoms including tiredness and putting on weight! I know it does explain some of my symptoms so I know i’m not being entirely grouchy for the hell of it, there is actually a reason for it. What it does mean though is that i’m on drugs for the rest of my life and the next 6-12 months will be spent trying to regulate my thryoid hormone levels so regular trips to the hospital for blood tests and visits to the (useless) GP for test results and instructions to increase/decrease my drug intake. I’ve also being diagnosed with a gynae problem but thats something I’m not going to divulge on here, you’ll be glad to hear. I’m just hoping my thyroid decides it wants to play properly with the help of the meds and I start to feel better so I can resume being the happier, chirpier MrsShilts that everyone is used too!

I’m really glad that I’ve been able to get my head into sewing, i’ve got so much that I want to do and learn it’s a massive learning curve. I absolutely love some of the blogs on sewing and quilting that are on the web, they are brilliant. Most of them are from the USA and unsuprisingly the fabrics available over there are a lot cheaper than they are here in the UK. I wish we didn’t have to fork out so much on the designer fabrics but I guess thats why they are designer eh? Because they’re American fabric designers and we have to import them!

I’m hoping to start a massive quilt in the new year for our bedroom (hubby doesn’t know yet but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him!) and I also want to make lots of fabric storage boxes for my stash of sewing stuff. I want to make new cushions, try out new patterns and create lots of lovely items that I can show off around my home.

I’m going to be putting more sewingy stuff on my blog in the next few weeks and then there’ll be the Christmas countdown which I’m sorry but has to be done! I heart Christmas and this year is going to be my first uni/college/schoolwork free Christmas so I am going to make the most of it!

Just a quick welcome to my new baby cousin Olivia Grace who was born on Monday 11th, she’s absolutely adorable and I can’t wait for a cuddle and treat her to some gorgeous girly stuff. Big congratulations to her Mummy and Daddy who are going to be fantastic parents {sig}

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