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October 2010

    WW Week 2

    This week has been good diet wise. I’ve stuck to my points and even had points to spare at the end of the day, how did that happen? Come Friday night I had 8 saved points and 19 left for dinner so I had a chippy tea. Sausage, chips and gravy, it was delish! Yesterday we went to see some friends down in Oxfordshire and my friend had asked if we wanted to stay for lunch and bless her, she did us a very healthy lunch of jacket spuds with a selection of toppings. I had beans with a side of salad, celery and houmous! It was beautiful and totally worth the points. Thanks Kate.

    So Weight Watchers weigh in no. 2 and i’ve lost 2lb! Very pleased with that. Now I’m not sure whether to use my weigh ins on Sunday as my record on here or the print outs I get from the Boots scales each Friday. I went this Friday and got on the scales (although I hate to hear the machine telling me its reading my body fat out loud!) and was pleased to read that i’d lost 0.9kg and 0.3 of my BMI this week so it’s great to see its all going in the right direction.

    And if you didn’t see my extremely excited tweet on Friday, I GOT TAKE THAT TICKETS! Wooohoooooo!!!! I am unbelievably excited and feel very very lucky. I’m off to Villa Park on Monday 27th June with my mate Norma.

    Need to get sewing today, havent made enough progress on the sewing front as I would have liked so need to get the machine out and sew, sew, sew! Christmas is only like 55 sleeps away!

    This week i’m looking forward to my 28th Birthday. Although if anyone can tell me where the last 5 or 6 years have gone I’d appreciate them telling me…I can’t believe how old I am! Does this definately make me a grown up now? Eeeek!

    Have a good week y’all {sig}

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