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As some of you know I do like to tweet of an evening and earlier this week I heard from a fellow tweeter about a country show and craft fair in the village not far from where my parents live. So, guess where I went today! The Whittington Country Show and Craft Fair. We have nephew staying over this weekend so after picking him up we drove over to the village and had a gander. Nephew got to watch a few of the dogs in the dog show and see some of the Falconry show. The eagles were huge!! But we both really enjoyed it.

I also got to meet a fellow tweeter, Lisa from Tigerlily Makes as she had a stall at the fair. Lisa is a wonderfully talented lady who makes gorgeous bags, slippers, corsages, brooches and much more out of felt and her stuff is amazing. Go and have a look at her stuff! So, whilst I was there I had a look at what people were selling and I was quite surprised at what was being sold and what wasn’t. I’ve got loads of ideas now of stuff that I do want to make and try and sell which lead me to this question; what would YOU buy at a craft fair? And, what wouldn’t you buy? I’d love to hear from you! {sig}

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  • Reply Fi 05/09/2010 at 10:30 pm

    Well now! When I get the time to go to fab craft fairs (which at the moment is very rarely) I must say I’m like a child in a sweety shop!

    Bargains are a must, fabrics at fab prices, beautiful buttons and unusual loveliness is my top lookout and I always avoid the ‘con’ stalls!

    Con stalls usually sell loveliness at double the price that you’d pay on etsy or eBay, and whilst I love to support crafters, some tend to wack prices up for fairs to make a pretty penny & I find this sad!

    Sad for both buyer & seller as they would actuslly make so much more if thru sold at a realistic price!

    Tske cath kidston goodies (I’m a huge fan and my card takes a huge dent because of my obsession!) if something is made/sold as a CK item the price bumps up, fair enough if it’s actually CK fabric, but what I’m seeing more and more if is CK fake items!

    So…enough rambling! Craft fairs are fab, especially in good weather and a good amount of money avsilable’ for spending on loveliness!

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  • Reply mrsshilts 06/09/2010 at 8:41 pm

    Thanks for your comment Lisa, think I need to visit a few more fairs…. of course, its all in the name of research :)

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