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Yesterday I had the delights of going to the doctors surgery.. I was the first appointment of the day and my doctor was still running late. Haven’t seen ‘my’ particular doctor for at least a year as he’s been off sick! Doesnt give me much hope does it! Anyway, I went to see him for some blood test results I had done on the back of my period going awol. Well, the fabulous news is that all my baby making hormones seem to be working well, which I am sooo pleased about. The not so great news is that it looks like I have inherited the under-active thryoid condition that my Mom and my Nan have. I’ve had tests in the past which have always been borderline but these tests seem to suggest that my thryoid isn’t acting as it should. Another blood test scheduled for next week and another in November before I’m ‘officially’ diagnosed but I just feel relieved that finally we are getting somewhere and there may be a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Doctor also reckons it could explain why I struggle to lose weight and why sometimes my moods are a bit changeable. So not only did I inherit the ‘Oswald‘ backside from my Great-great Grandmother, it seems I may have also inherited that too!

I’ve got another week off coming up so I have lots planned including a 3 day trip to London with hubby to see the sights and meet up with my brother-in-law. We don’t get to see him as much as we’d like so we’re taking every opportunity whilst we’re down there to spend time with him. I can’t wait. My top 3 must see places are;

1) Buckingham Palace
2) Harrods
3) Westminster and Big Ben up close

I also really want to go to the Cath Kidston store as well but I can’t see me coming out empty handed either..sorry hubby!

Anyway, just a quick glimpse at what I’ve been doing for the last 5 hours.
Meet my gorgeous little mascot Owly*;

I’ve wanted to make her for a while now and finally got round to buying up some felt to make her. I hope you’ll agree she’s brill. I love her! Might even make a boy owl for her to keep her company…
*Owly is a crap name for such a beaut so I feel a giveaway/competition may be upon us shortly.


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