Fab break, crap weekend!!


Just a quick catch up..it’s been quite a week!

Last Monday we went over to see our friend and her little boy Harry and gave them the quilt I had made for him. They seemed to love it and said it would go in his cot that night as I had already washed it so that was very pleasing.

Tuesday I had to go to hospital for a scan on my abdomen due to the pains I was having a while back. Turns out the pains I had were in my bowel and are related to my IBS which I found extremely strange as the pains would come and go at very random times not related to eating or digestion so I have no idea what they were but they seem to have gone now. But whilst I was being scanned the lovely lady who reassured me not to be so nervous had a look at my ovaries as the doc originally thought I had an ovarian cyst and maybe that was the pain I was experiencing. Well, no but polysystic ovaries were….I’m absolutely gutted! It still needs to be confirmed by the doctor but definately wasnt expecting that. Whilst I was there I had another blood test for the under-active thryoid condition and I managed to pull the phlebotomist…not intentionally though! He was struggling at getting blood out of one arm so was taking his time and the other phlebotomist came over to me and asked me what i’d done to him? I was confused and said ‘what do you mean?’ and she said ‘he’s smiling his head off there so you must be doing something right’ ha ha! He made a terrible morning quite amusing!

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – spent in London. Fantastic trip taking in the sights of the big smoke. Met up with my brother-in-law and his partner for dinner at Prezzo which was lovely. Met up with my friend Becky who has relocated down there from the Midlands for lunch. It was good to see her as we’ve had a rocky relationship of late and it was good to catch up and see her. Whilst we were milling around, we came across the Monument and in a moment of madness I said to hubby “lets go up I bet the views are amazing!”……. So, we both set off up the 300 odd steps to the top..Well, I got to about 275 steps and I began to have an almighty panic attack, came out of no where and totally out of character I kept imagining the steps falling down around me and the ceiling caving in. It was horrible! So I quickly ran back down the steps in a cold sweat I couldn’t stop shaking! Never ever again.. We managed to hit the shops all within budget (apart from the Cath Kidston shop…ooops!) and we were really impressed with the hotel.

We also managed to head over to the new Olympics development and we were really impressed. There’s something called the viewtube which is a big hut, shelter and viewing platform and they’ve explained what each part of the development is and what building is going to be. The stadium is looking very impressive so far so London 2012 Olympics should be ace.

We got home late Friday and was absolutely knackered but we’d had a fab break so it was all worth it. Saturday I woke up and my legs were killing me. I couldn’t walk. If we were having a lazy day I would of stayed in bed but we had a wedding to go to so I managed to get dressed and hobbled down stairs! I couldnt stand on my legs at all, it felt like I’d ripped the calf muscles apart, I cant tell you how painful it was! Anyway the wedding was lovely but by about 7pm I was in agony with my legs and my throat had swollen up as my tonsils had decided that they wanted some attention! Cue a taxi home, tears and an early night. So to cut a very boring story short I have managed to get tonsilitis and 2 pulled calf muscles! Over done it, yes I have! What a week…Back to work tomorrow though, had to have the day off sick today. No voice and razor blades in throat is not a healthy work combination but after a trip to the NHS walk in centre on Sunday I have antibiotics and muscle rub! Here’s hoping for an uneventful start to the new term and the commencement of willpower for the diet! Wish me luck…….{sig}

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