Don’t you just love Mother Nature?


In true MrsShilts style, Mother Nature dealt me a rather cruel blow this week..yep, you’ve guessed it my flamin’ ‘time of the month‘! It was totally out of the blue, uncalled for and perfect timing —> I’m off on a camping holiday today. I’ve only been waiting for it for 3 months! At first I had the excitement of thinking I was pregnant, I / we would have loved that to be honest but no, after each week without any sign and each test looking back at me with only one line / unhappy face / Not Pregnant, I was getting a bit frustrated.  Isn’t it typical that for the last 17 years my monthlies have been as regular as clockwork and then when me and hubby decide to ‘think’ about starting a family they go tits up! I’ve been to the doctors and had blood tests done and I’ve got a scan booked for the end of the month to look at what’s going on down there. I feel like for years we have been so so careful preventing getting pregnant and now we would like it to happen we are getting nowhere. I keep thinking ‘what if we had started trying a couple of years ago, would I have got pregnant then?’ but then I wonder that I can’t think like that! Things happen for a reason and obviously now’s just not the right time….Anyway, I’m off on holiday for a week glamping somewhere in the East of England. Hope you all have a lovely week and I’ll be back with book reviews, more sewing and serious plans to shift the ever increasing lard…. laters! {sig}

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