Day 3 & more bags…


So its Day 3 back on the wagon and so far so good! At the bbq yesterday I was quite good, I had 2 sausages and a kebab type thing with plenty of salad and 3 pieces of yummy fresh bread. I’d saved a load of points so i’m sure I had enough to cover it.

Today, I’ve been quite good. Hubby cooked our dinner off lemony pork meatballs with spring onion mash which was delicious as always. I’ve found that I’m more aware of eating crap late at night so I’m really pleased i’ve been able to put my energies into my sewing. I’ve made another couple of bags which I’ve put on Folksy but if you’d like one send me a message via email or twitter.

Tomorrow i’m looking after my nephew for a few hours and hope to see a good friend who is battling cancer. She’s a complete inspiration and I can’t wait to give her a massive hug as I haven’t seen her for a few months due to her being radioactive! Scary but true. So when I’ve got problems, I think about my friend and think “D’ya know what MrsShilts, you are incredibly lucky and although things arent going to plan right now, things are not as bad as what some people are going through” {sig}

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