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My blog was originally set up so that I could record my weightloss as a journey with photos and reminders of emotions that I’d been through and over the past year or so as my weightloss has slowed down (or increased and gone back down again…you get the picture!) I have subconsciously changed the theme of my blog to include all sorts of stuff rather than being on a diet. To be honest, whether I got readers or not wasn’t an issue for me at first but its only now that I look at others blogs and see how well they have done with them that I actually get ‘blog envy’. I’m not too proud to admit it, I look at some blogs and think “Bloody brilliant, why didn’t I think of that?”. I love how their [too many authors to mention and would hate to single anyone out ] blogs have been put together with headers and widgets and how they’ve managed to wangle getting sponsored posts and attracted freebies galore..(to be honest, some of the posts are really obviously sucky up brown nosey posts but others are a lot more subtle!).

I also love the fact that there are literally hundreds of mini (and quite large) communities out there such as dieting, mummyhood or sewing ones and people are so supportive of each other. I have to admit that sometimes I do worry that I might be putting too much of myself ‘out there’… I worry that some people I know would read this and judge me differently to how they perceive me now but why should I worry? It’s my blog right? My thoughts and my personal opinions..I just wish sometimes I could be a bit more open… am I right to worry?

Anyway, enough of me waffling..just in case you’re wondering, I’m having a few technical issues with leaving comments on other blogs, for some reason I have got a blogger sign in id but it doesnt work and wont work no matter what I do to it so apologies for leaving my blog address on your page..It’s like my slug trail….{sig}

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