Back to reality..


I’m back! What a fantastic glamping holiday. We had beautiful weather, a fantastic campsite, gorgeous beaches, no television, very little mobile network signal so no phone calls or texts (which can’t be a bad thing) and no internet. Total relaxation = perfect.

Just a couple of piccies to share..

Cromer  watching the sunset…

The gorgeous sandy beach at Horsey Gap

I am in love with Norfolk now, the coastline there is absolutely beautiful but unfortunately is being destroyed by coastal erosion. The sea defences are no longer working and the land is giving way to the sea. Again, you should never under estimate the power of Mother Nature…

Our glamping holiday was fab, the tent was marvellous, the facilities at the site were excellent (fantastic powerful hot showers and free use of a hairdryer) and you really can’t fail to eat healthily with all the farm shops dotted around selling the most amazing meat, fruit and veg I’ve ever tasted. I just wish there were more shops like that here in the West Midlands.

I’ve also had a lot of time to think (insert hubby saying “uh oh!”) and I’ve realised I’m spending far too much time on the pc and not enough time on me (hubby and doggy included) so I’m going to look at getting my ass back to the gym, do more sewing (I’ve seen loads of beauties I want to try out) and get more active.. I know I’ve said it before but I really need to get my ass into gear and get this weight off, its becoming more and more depressing and I can feel myself disliking the reflection in the mirror.. eugh!

Until next time, t-ra! {sig}

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