I’ve got a bug…


the sewing bug….but don’t get me wrong, I love it! I’ve made some lovely little bags over the weekend and although they look a little rough, i’ve since found about 30 new websites showing me new tutorials and new bags to make. I’ve bought a few metres of fabric and some essentials from hobbycraft (although I have been well and truly fleeced) I was in a ‘I want it now’ mood and off I went and spent £50 in a flash! I’m really excited by the projects that I’ve found and I can’t wait to have a go at them.. I’ve also found several websites selling absolutely gorgeous fabrics (they’re not cheap either) but they are to die for, so I guess thats the price of truly fabulous things! I’m not forking out for them just yet, I’m going to see how my creations come on and then see how well I get on.

Good news on the diet front is that all my sewing is keeping me away from the cupboards! I’ve been drinking sugar free squash instead and I’m quite pleased with that.

We had a lovely weekend with my nephew. He stayed with us on Saturday night and i’ve decorated his room with a few Fireman Sam posters which he absolutely adores and I really love having him with us. We took him strawberry picking on Sunday for the first time and he loved it. We’ve got him again next weekend so hopefully we’ll have as much fun as we did this weekend.


Only 7 days left at work until the kids (and teachers) break up. Hubby can’t wait, he is absolutely exhausted, bless him. Then its only 3 weeks til we go away on our jollies. Let’s hope the weather picks up! {sig}

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