Beautiful birthday bags..


After scheduling a huge lie in this morning, for some reason I woke up at stupid o’clock and was up by 8am. Today I’ve had a day to  myself, enjoying doing housework at a leisurely pace and doing what I want to do. So, I’ve spent all day in my pj’s! So comfy!

I’ve made a batch of carrot cake muffins and a couple of pressies for my dear Mom whose birthday is on Thursday. I decided to make her a lined boxy purse for her nick nacks but it took me ages! For some reason, I couldn’t sew in a straight line and even sewed the wrong pieces of fabric together! But then I managed to get my head together and came up with a gorgeous little purse as pictured here;












Then as I had time to kill I thought I’d try something different. I recently bough the ‘Sew’ book by Cath Kidston which comes with free pre-cut designer material which makes a gorgeous shoulder bag. So, I have just spent the last 3 hours putting it together. I had to learn how to do buttonholes and I was so careful sewing it together. The thought of ruining it after I’d spent so long on it made me go extra slow. I’m not pleased with the stitches underneath though, for some reason they look a bit loose. Not sure why! Anyways, I’m going to give this little beauty to my Mom for her birthday. Hope she likes it.

 Whilst I was stitching it together I thought of another idea I’d like to try so watch this space!












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