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July 2010

    Holidays are coming, holidays are coming….


    It’s the holidays!!

    I’ve finally finished work and have 2 full un-interupted weeks off work. Yippee! I’ve got so much planned to cram into these next couple of weeks but really wanted to start the holidays off gently and have spent the whole day today in my pjs sewing. I’ve made another 6 gorgeous make up bags which I’ve just put on facebook for my friends to have a gander at and then I’ll be putting the rest on Folksy to see how well they sell. I’ve also kicked off the holidays by starting the diet again! I stepped onto the scales yesterday morning and did not like the figures looking back at me…… so have planned the meals for the week to fit nicely in with the diet so fingers crossed the pounds drop off me!

    My plans for this week include dye hair, continue with dvd fest, experiment with a few more handmade bag ideas, enjoy and survive cousins 21st birthday BBQ, meet up with a friend, go up to Camelot for a family fun day out, re-pot some plants my Grandad gave us, perform the annual cleanse of my wardrobes, catch up on the filing, do a bit of housework, pack and prepare for camping holiday to Norfolk and celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary!

    Oh, I just love the holidays… {sig}

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