World Cup misery…


Yep, I saw the England versus Germany game on Sunday and it was terrible. The England team didn’t play with those 3 lions on their shirts, they played thinking of their Premier League pay packets and glossy magazine photo shoots. Role models, I think not!

This week has been quite eventful. We’ve had Ofsted in at work (which i’m pleased to say went really well!), I’ve been to the doctors about my pain in my lower stomach (GP has mentioned ovarian cysts due to my absent monthlies and i’m a bit scared!), I’ve had my nephew stay over for the weekend and hubby and I have decided to stay put in our house. We’ve had to face facts and the harsh reality that we can’t afford to move house. Our lovely 2 bedroomed terraced house is big enough for the both of us and woofer, it just needs a bit more work (new kitchen, revamped gardens, paint job in hallway and bathroom and a good sort out). I’m actually quite looking forward to the projects i’ve got lined up. I just need some free weekends and some spare cash….

Following my journey around the bloggersphere, I came across a few blogs which really inspired me to get a bit more creative. Well, at the inlaws bbq last weekend I mentioned to my mum that I was thinking about getting a sewing machine and she disappeared off upstairs and came back with a sewing machine. It was her mums and when she passed away she didnt want to throw it away. I am so pleased I’ve been given the chance to use it and creative some fabulous things on it. So, if anyone has any links to fabulous sewing patterns and the like I would be very interested to hear them… {sig}

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