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Sorry for the lack of posts, it’s been a busy one!

Good news, my bro-in-law is out of hospital and has the joys of 4-6 months off work whilst his hand recovers from the major surgery. He is a very lucky man (although he doesn’t feelvery lucky) and we are all really pleased how well he’s doing. My sister is coping incredibly well as she now has an energeric two year old, full time job, house to keep and bored but injured husband to look after. I think she is brilliant but bless her she’s just knackered. As you can imagine, we’ve been helping out where we can. Trouble is, I live 13 miles away and whilst that doesn’t sound very far, given that the quickest route to hers from my house is via the M6 it does take at least 30 minutes drive on a good day. But, I love my family and would do anything to help so i do!

The diet is going totally rubbish! I’m suffering with a pain in my lower tummy at the moment and i’m not sure what it is but I do know that it flippin’ well hurts. I’ve noticed the pain since last Sunday so gave it a few days to go away thinking it was a pulled muscle or something but now i’m not convinced and have booked a GP appointment to see if she can help. Like you do when you have too much time on your hands when your lying awake at 2am, you automatically think the worst (well I do when I’m too tired I can’t sleep!) I have my own theory on what it is but i’m not sure..

This week at work has been mad (again!). I do love it though, the buzz of the office and the satisfaction of getting stuff done! However, I don’t love Mr Ofsted who will be visiting us on Monday and Tuesday next week. Luckily, we are very much prepared for it and all our stuff is ready but i’m taking advantage of the school being open over the weekend to finish off a few bits. I am so glad I am not a teacher. Although being married to one is enough for me. To all the teachers out there, I don’t know how you do it but you have my total admiration*/sympathy* (*delete as appropriate!)

In other news, we’ve been looking into the logistics (mortgages etc) of being able to move house. We really would love to move house with a proper fitted kitchen, a drive way, a green garden…the list continues…. but its all so expensive. We have seen a few properties we like in the area and know roughly what our budget would be but we need to sit down and be all grown up about it and discuss figures! eeeek!!!

The footy has been total shite hasnt it? I watched the game this evening (England v Algeria) at home with hubby and we were literally shouting at the tv telling the players to move, run for the ball, shoot!!! It was so frustrating! I hate to say it but we’re leaving on a jet plane Thursday morning if we continue to play like that. Anyway, England flag is still flying with pride outside our bedroom window and we just hope we can do the business on Wednesday..

Other things going on…I want to get a sewing machine so I can start getting more creative. I’ve started to bid on a few pieces of fabric on ebay and I’ve asked my Mum if she’ll give me some refresher lessons..My Mum is ace on the sewing machine so what she doesnt know is not worth knowing. I’d like to make a few scatter cushions for my lounge and a quilt at some point just to prove to myself that I can do it! I’m also trying to change my blog a little. I visited a fantastic site the other day with funky stripey wallpaper on and I want it but its a blogger themed blog and not wordpress so I’ll try and find one that suits me now i’ve spent so long on this one. I know what I want I just dont know how to get it yet but give me time and it’ll be mine…  

Anyway, don’t forget it’s Father Day on Sunday here in England so Happy Fathers Day to my fab Dad and super Father-in-law. I love you both loads.

Have a good weekend peeps {sig}

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