Our garden is quite small and isn’t so much a garden but several concrete slabs with pebble borders. When we first moved in the garden was full of crap from the house that the previous owners had left and it was full of weeds. When we first dug the borders up we even found potatoes, didn’t fancy eating them though. So, in preparation for our summer of sun (ahem!) with bbqs and world cup footy, I embarked on a bank holiday garden tidy up. Our next door neighbours have a lovely wild garden which has grown all up their fence and has spread down onto our side. We don’t mind too much as it looks lovely but it was getting a bit wild. Armed with a pair of kitchen scissors (we don’t own a pair secertairs or whatever they’re called) off I hacked and pruned the wild ivy, mint and other green shrubbery to within an inch of its life. It looks good though and we’ve filled the green stuff wheely bin for the first time ever!

Inspired by how nice the garden looks, we’ve ordered a brand new gas powered bbq and some sun loungers. Tomorrow we’re going to invest in some solar lights for the borders and a few more planters to grow some more seeds in. I’m also on the hunt for a red/orange stripey tablecloth to match our seatpads and some candle holders to keep the pesky insects away. I do envy all these people with gorgeous green and flowery gardens but I think ours will do us just fine at the moment. Bring on the Summer! {sig}

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  • Reply Bryher 01/06/2010 at 5:23 pm

    We’ve just purchased a mini storm oil lamp and citronella oil – it works really well and looks pretty cool!

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