Miserable cow!


I’m very sorry to anyone who has read my posts of late….what a miserable cow i’ve been! I’m glad to say that normal service has been resumed and i’m not on cloud misery anymore. So what has changed to make me feel totally different? Well, of course, you’ve guessed it…my period showed up and now  I seem to be fine! I’m really struggling with them, my last cycle was 44 days long when previously they’ve only EVER been 30/32 days long so my hormones were completely all over the place.

Anyways, went to weigh in and I put on 1lb which I think is fantastic considering its time of the month. Usually at this time, I put on about 5lb in water retention so only 1lb is brilliant! Wont be weighing in next week as i’m in the big smoke on a course and we’re travelling First Class! I’m very excited, can you tell? Its the first time ever that any employer of mine has spent a lot of money on a course for me. It’s all about Employment Law in schools so it should be quite good.

This weekend we’re off to see family up north near Burnley. To cut a very long story small my cousin and his wife have had a baby (premature by 8 weeks) and my poor cousin’s wife is in critical care with pancreatis(!) We’re going up to help my cousin with boring stuff like cooking and cleaning so he can look after Baby T and catch up on some well earned sleep. It’s definately at times like this when you can count on your family so if we can help, we’re happy too. {sig}

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  • Reply Mandy 14/05/2010 at 9:38 am

    So glad you’re feeling much better in yourself hun, bloody Aunt Flow’s a right biatch ain’t she!

    Oh I hope you have a fantastic time away and get plenty time to chil and really take it all in. xox

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