I heart bank holidays…


I love bank holiday weekends…Friday night after work I had to go shopping with hubby for a few pieces. The month of May is so busy birthday wise and I needed to get myself organised. At the start of each month I make sure all the birthday cards are written up in preparation for the month ahead and like to get all the gifts in advance too. So this month we have my Nephew, my Dad, my Nan and several other extended family members to prepare for. After a trip to the toy shop and several £s later I’d bought my nephew some Fireman Sam goodies. Saturday I spent the day doing housewifey chores whilst hubby has joined a new cricket team so went to play his first game with them. He is so brave, I’d never join up a team out of the blue full of strangers and spend the day with them. My worst nightmare to be honest but he seemed to enjoy himself and is looking forward to the next game. Sunday after a mammoth lie in…I spent the day with my sister in preparation for my nephews tea party on Bank Holiday Monday. He is 2 tomorrow and so my sister held a mini tea party for him with jelly, crispy cakes and fairy cakes with Fireman Sam motifs. Absolutely fantastic but terrible for the diet. To be fair I was good. I ate lots of carrot batons, tomatoes, cucumber and celery sticks as well as a couple of rice crispy cakes (handmade by me and nephew!) Lovely! I’m hoping that the extra goodies I ate on Monday havent sabotaged my weigh in tomorrow as I have been really good so hoping it pays off. Unfortunately haven’t been able to get much walking in as the weather has been horrible.. terrible excuse i know but we’re off camping in our new tent this weekend and exercise is on the cards rain or no rain! {sig}

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