What a week!


It has been mental at work this week. It’s been the last week of term and I’m sure everyone’s gone mad, I’ve had so much to do its crazy! I’ve definately earnt my 10 days off and tonight is definately time to chill..

In some other news my cousin has given birth to her baby 8 weeks earlier than expected. Baby Thomas was born on Tuesday 30th March and weighs in at 3lb 11oz, apparently he’s doing well but he’s in an incubator and is a little fighter. I’ve been to Boots this evening and bought him a gorgeous baby boy clothing set which is gorgeous, I love buying baby clothes. I am so broody it’s ridiculous! Sending him lots of strength and love so he can go home to his mommy and daddy as soon as possible.  Literally as i’m typing my mother in law has just rung to say my other cousin (by marriage) is 3 months pregnant and their baby is due in October!!! Is it so wrong to be jealous? Don’t get me wrong, i’m really happy for them but i’m very jealous and want to know why’s it not happening for me!

I didn’t make weigh in Wednesday night as was late home from work so going to try and be as good as possible this week with lots of exercise to get a good result next week.

This weekend I’m hoping to get up to date with the cleaning. We need to do a proper spring clean and freshen the place up a bit and I really want to make our kitchen a bit more girly. I’ve invested in some pastel coloured cooking utensils and bowls from Tescos this week and bought some pastel dotty mugs which I love. Just on the hunt for some dotty tea towels and a tablecloth and i’ll be happy.

It’s hubby’s 29th birthday on Tuesday so I’m hoping we can spend the day together with Mikey possibly visit the seaside or something. Just depends on the good ole’ British weather I suppose.

Anyway hope everyone has a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, relax and enjoy yourselves x


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  • Reply Mandy 02/04/2010 at 1:15 pm

    Oh enjoy your time off hun cos before we know it it’ll be back to the grind!

    Hope baba Thomas does well, my twins were 3 months early so I can imagine how tiny he is.
    It’ll be your turn soon enough hun, I still get mega broody now but wouldn’t have anymore, I just enjoy cuddles with friends babies now.

    You must share photos of your kitchen makeover. xox

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