So annoyed!


Ok, so after my MASSIVE blow out over the past 2/3 weeks I went to weigh in tonight and it was completely horrendous! Why do I do it to  myself! I am literally my own worst enemy! I’m not even going to mention how much it was because i’m completely disgusted with myself and so I am drawing a BIG FAT LINE across what has been a crap four months of indulgence, chocolate, generally being a lard arse and tomorrow is a fresh start. I’ve started a new card at WW and told my leader Gina that i’m definately going to have a loss next week. There are no easter eggs in the house (for me anyway) and i’ve bought some ww goodies to get me through my sweetie cravings and have bought the WW mags for inspiration. I need to do this, I cannot let myself go AGAIN! {sig}

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  • Reply Betty (mrsyappydog) 15/04/2010 at 11:21 am

    Hello Mrs Shilts! your secret post just arrived and I wanted to thank you – will pop back later for a read of your blog as I am off to work now… you have sent some lovely things and I love them all – thankyou very much! I did a little blog about them.

  • Reply Mandy 15/04/2010 at 10:54 pm

    Same here, 1st day back at it yesterday and god it’s hard work.

    You can do it hun, I have faith in you. xox

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