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Q2: Did you and your Father share any interests together? What & Why?

When I was about 6 or 7, I realised that every other Saturday my Dad would go out at about lunchtime and not come home for what seemed like hours. One Saturday morning I asked him where he was going and he told me he was going down the Albion with my Grandad. As a little girl I had no idea what the Albion was, where it was or what my Dad and Grandad would do when they got there. I bugged my Dad for ages to let me go with him and one Saturday he agreed. I don’t really remember my Dad telling me we were going to the football to watch West Bromwich Albion but I do remember the buzz I got from going to the football with my Dad and my Grandad. We first sat in the Halfords Lane Stand which is where my Aunty and Uncle had season tickets but it was a bit too posh for my liking. We stood in the Woodman Corner and I think I must have been the only 7 year old girl there. I didn’t actually stand on the terraces much, my Dad let me sit on the metal bars that ran along each step and I had a perfect view above everyone’s heads of the game. We stood there for a while until I got my first season ticket in the Family Stand. I loved it. We eventually moved to the new Birmingham Road Stand aka Brummie Road which was an all seated stand which they erected following the terrible Hillsborough disaster. I used to sit inbetween my Dad and Grandad and loved the cuddles my Dad used to give me on a Tuesday night game when it was cold. We used to joke that we were wearing our ‘lucky pants’ to ensure the team won and we’d always wear a shirt to the game that we’d previously won in. I loved going to the football with my Dad. We shared watching brilliant games, thrashings, promotion to the Premier League and relegation! I held a season ticket at the football for about 13 years until I went away to University and I couldn’t afford to go anymore. Shortly after my Grandad passed away in 2007 West Brom got to the Play Off Finals at the new Wembley. My Aunty and Uncle managed to get me and my Dad some tickets and we all went to Wembley for the game. I have never been through so many emotions in a game before.

 It was a brilliant atmosphere and we even took my Grandads scarf along for good luck. I really wanted Albion to win for my Grandad but unfortunately we lost and Derby won promotion to the Premier League. I cried all the way home on the coach whilst been mocked by the Derby fans pulling moonies in the coaches next to us on the motorway. It was terrible! Unfortunately once my Grandad passed away my Dad lost the faith and didnt enjoy going down the footy anymore. Me and my hubby have been down The Hawthorns a few times since but it’s not the same as the old times. It’s one special bond that me and my Dad will always have together and I’ll always be a Baggie and going down the Albion will never been the same with out my Dad and my Grandad.

Written in memory of my Grandad who died 3 years next month – I miss you Grandad, love you lots xxx  {sig}

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  • Reply Mandy 27/04/2010 at 1:48 pm

    What a beautiful memory for you to share with us. I have welled up! xox

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