Oops I did it again!


So easter has come and gone and to be honest I’ve loved every minute of it! I’ve been off work since Thursday and I love being at home, leisurely walking the dog, cooking tea and doing housework at my own pace, I love it! Unfortunately the diet has taken a bit of a back seat but I’m having arguments with myself at the minute balancing enjoying myself versus hating my body! I keep thinking ‘you’re 27, have a fab hubby, apart from being overweight ur in good health, stop making things hard for yourself!’ I wish I could just accept myself for who I am but I’m really struggling! I feel like I need to have a massive wardrobe overhaul and need a new look including make up! Where’s gok wan when you need him eh?
Anyways enough of my whinging, went bowling, cinema and pizza hut buffet yesterday for hubbys birthday. We saw Kick Ass which was actually quite good considering we both didn’t really know what it was about! Still, we both enjoyed spending time together and hubby said he had a lovely birthday. Off to see my mom and nephew now which will be nice and taking over my easter eggs that I bought myself so I don’t eat them! I’m sure mom and dad will appreciate them more than I will.


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  • Reply Mandy 08/04/2010 at 11:36 am

    Ah hun, I know that feeling. I think you could do with a pamper session and I always love to go into on of the big department stores and have a make over! I always come home with loads of samples and a special something for me.

    You’re Westie looks well cheeky just like ours, we’re off out to enjoy the sun with her soon. xox

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