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So after my terrible weigh in last night I gave myself a right b******ing! Today has been a good day, got up did some housework then I actually went to the gym..yep, I went to the gym and flippin’ eck it was hard work but I did it and it felt good (watch me ache tomorrow!), followed by a trip to Tescos for healthy low pointage food and had a nice healthy dinner (italian chicken and salad) bar the small handful of chips I had cos hubby decided to throw the complete sieve of rice all over the kitchen floor!!! I’ve planned my meals for the weekend except for sat night as we’re out at the dogs for hubbys birthday so I am happy!! Tomorrow my sis and nephew are coming over and we’re going to go the park or nearby local nature reserve to get some exercise in so ash cloud pending it should be a good day! MrsYappydog received her secret post club parcel and liked it so that’s pleasing! Will send you the link when I get to my pc, I’m blogging from my bb. Quick shout out to Mandy for her support, “C’mon mandy let’s do it this time, we both know we can!”

Update: here’s the link to Mrsyappydog blog {sig}

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  • Reply Mandy 15/04/2010 at 11:41 pm

    :O) So glad you had a good day hun and go you for giving yourself a good workout! Hope you don’t ache too much but at least if you do feel it you actually know you have done good.
    Keep up the hard work. xox

  • Reply Betty (mrsyappydog) 16/04/2010 at 7:41 am

    just came back for a rroper read and looked at your Dec 08 pics – you have shifted loads and loads of weight and would be pretty whatever size you were but you certainly have a healthy radiance now compared to ‘then’ well done… my hubby is struggling with his weight and so we are all starting a ‘healthy eating’ plan on Monday for the family based on weightwatchers. By the way I am gardening in my pink gloves today! thanks.

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