Bootiful weekend..


The sun was shining here this weekend and we took full advantage! I went over to my sisters house and we took Mikey and nephew for a long walk over Chasewater. It was gorgeous. We made sure we had our sunblock on and plenty of fluids and walked around over half of the reservoir. We had to cut the walk short after 2 hours as nephew was really grumpy (he’s never walked so far!) so we phoned my mum to pop round and pick us up.


We were all shattered when we got back but glad we managed to make the most of the good weather.

Here’s a quick picture of Mikey when we got home

Today: Me and hubby went to a local camping shop and stocked up on some items for our camping holidays this year. We’re off to a local(ish) camp site in 2 weeks for 2 nights to trial our new holiday home (our new Vango tent) with Mikey who has never been on holiday with us before. We’ve never been brave enough to take him with us but we’re braving it this year! We then went round the in-laws and put up the tent in their backgarden in between the rain showers. Typically, it started to pee it down as soon as we’d put it up so we had to wait for the sun to come out again to dry it off! We’re very pleased though, its lovely and big and perfect for us and all our luxuries on holiday..

Here’s hoping for some more sunshine {sig}

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