Weigh In #3


and I’m pleased to report 1.5lbs off! Not had a too bad week but if I’m brutally honest I’m disappointed how slow its coming off. Really need a good kick up the jacksy and get moving at the gym. Did anyone see supersize v superskinny last night? There was a lady on there who was so big she couldn’t get out of bed, she had 6 helpers bathing her and doing literally everything for her it was so sad! One thing she said really hit home, she said if she could see herself years ago putting weight on she would of given herself such a bollocking to get moving to shift the weight by doing everything in her power to change it! So I was thinking…do I do everything in my power? No I don’t! And that’s something that has GOT to change…{sig}

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  • Reply Mandy 25/03/2010 at 10:23 am

    Well done with the loss hun, and remember a loss is a loss no matter how small. As long as it’s going in the right direction you should be pleased.

    Yes I watched it. I’ll kick your butt if you kick mine! xox

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