I have well and truly fallen off the wagon and it hurts….but am determined to climb back on and get my bum in gear! Since completing uni I’ve given in to all sorts of crap that have made me put weight back on and I’m not impressed with myself. I don’t know what it is but I’ve just shuffled it in my mouth then feel guilty, but not guilty enough to stop me doing it again!! I really am my own worst enemy.

Today, I’ve eaten breakfast (Oatso Simple with a teaspoon of honey) and a cup of tea with 2 sweetners. Have a WW soup and bread roll for lunch and will go shopping later for some yummy pointed dinner.

We’re having some work done at the house, finally been able to afford to have a new bay window installed into our lounge and i’m really excited about how its going to look. We live in a terraced house built which dates back to 1910 and we think we’ve still got the original sash window but its time to get with the times and invest in a new spangly window which actually opens. (The sashes where painted shut so badly by the previous owners that we couldn’t open them at all!)

I’ve been off work all week with hubby as its been half term and its been so lovely to just chill out, catch up on some jobs around the house and get back into a hobby which I love, I’ve been doing some cross stitching. It really helps me to relax and stops me from picking at crap in the evenings. I’ll post some pictures later to show you what I’ve been up too!

This weekend we’re looking after my nephew Kye. I love having him to stay at ours he’s so good. He’s been saying a lot more recently and can now say “Please” and “Ta” (we’re working on Thank you!) and he’s mastered “Hiya” on the telephone which is so cute.

Back to work Monday and a new routine beckons. The nearer it got to half term the later we were getting out of bed, resulting in hubby taking the dog for a quick 5 minute walk before work. I’ve also come to realise I need to give myself routine at home. I’m much more content and organised when I have a routine so will be rolling that out on Sunday in preparation for the week ahead. Mainly it involves becoming more of a domestic goddess, going to the gym on a regular basis and becoming more active on the dog walking front! I really have been a lazy moo!

Anyway, just want to wish Alice and Bryher a fantastic day on Monday, you both really are an inspiration and you both deserve a good pampering!

Also, wanted to say a huge Thank You to Sara for nominating me for a Beautiful Bloggers award, I am chuffed :)

Have a great weekend everyone x

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