Snow joke!

Ok, so my last post said I loved the snow, now I think its slightly annoying! I wish it would either snow enough for me to stay at home or not snow at all and melt away! I hate driving in this slushy, brown slippy stuff. It’s horrible!
Due to the weather being completely crap i’ve eaten so much rubbish lately I’ve really let myself down BUT on Sunday morning me and hubby had a lengthy discussion about ‘the future’ and we have decided that in order for me to really get firmly back on the wagon my goal is to lose weight so we can start trying for a baby – I really hate that phrase – anyway, my cousin has recently announced that she’s pregnant, due in May and I know by then I’m going to be mega broody so if I’m firmly stuck on the wagon I could be in her position this time next year! If anyone else has useful advice on being pregnant as a larger lady I would love to hear from you…

Haven’t attended a weigh in since last November due to Christmas, New Year and snow but am going to do an hour on the wii each night and get weighed on there for a bit until the weather improves, hopefully then when I can get back to the gym and attend meetings it won’t be so scary!

It’s Day 2 back on the wagon and so far so good. I’ve weighed all my food out, planned my meals out and tracked everything so all is good! Weighed myself Sunday morning so will weigh myself again next Sunday and see how i’m doing…wish me luck x

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  • Reply Mandy 12/01/2010 at 4:56 pm

    That's just the best thing to get motivated for. I lost weight before I got pregnant, the best thing I ever did. xox

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