Day 5…

…said in tone of voiceover man from BB!

All is good, I’m religiously sticking to my points and haven’t been tempted to stray. Unfortunately haven’t been able to get to weigh in as it’s too far away in the snow so just hoping that when I re-weigh myself on my bathroom ww scales it shows a loss!

Am thinking of possibly resetting the weight loss tracker above to zero to record 2010 weight loss but am probably desperately hanging onto it to show I have actually lost some weight along this journey, i’ll make my mind up at some point.

This weekend, hubby is having a lads night poker evening at our house so Me and Mikey (dog) are going to stay away for the night so they can have the house to themselves! Am hoping for a nice clean, alcohol whiff free house when I get back but you know what blokes are like with their beer! Aren’t I a good wifey?

My uni results are due back within the next few days and i’m getting a tad nervous….please let me pass!

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  • Reply Twinkle Eyes 14/01/2010 at 11:47 pm

    Good for you sticking to plan. Don't reset the weigth loss ticker. It's nice to see how far you've come. Maybe move it further down the page and then add another one for this year :o) Hope you get the results you want x

  • Reply Fat4Now 15/01/2010 at 11:08 am

    gl gl for exam results

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