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November 2009

    Losing it!

    My head has gone to mush! Thats what stress is doing to me..I cant think properly, I don’t eat sensibly, I’m tired and moody. My uni work is seriously stressing me out, I’ve got 6 weeks left to write up a pretty decent 10k word management report and I’m panicking. I’ve never been like this before so I’m a bit out of my comfort zone and I’m not enjoying it!
    Food wise…well I haven’t had time to go to weigh in for the past 2 weeks but have had a look on my own scales and its looking like 6lb on! I’m comfort eating ‘cos I feel so stressed and eating crap ‘cos between hubby and I we’ve both had late nights at work, no proper food in the house and no mojo to cook a decent meal!

    Hubby has Ofsted (Her Majesty’s Inspectors grade the teaching and learning within the school and rate the teachers on a 1 -4 scale!) this week at school, meaning between now and the day the inspectors make a decision on the state of hubbys school it’s gonna be unpleasant in our house. Hubby is an excellent teacher, he’s an excellent Head of Department and i’m very proud of him so I know he’ll be ok but I can’t really do anything to help him, except look after the house and make sure he looks the part!

    Can feel the weight creeping back on so really must try harder to get more organised and in control! I can do this, I know I can…..

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