I was so looking forward to last night and having saved some points for it I was well geared up for enjoying my food and then I get stomach cramps all day and felt sick all night! Really not sure why I felt so crap (although there is a sickness bug going round my family) so I’m hoping I haven’t caught a touch of that. Anyways we went to the restaurant and I ordered prawn cocktail, chicken and maple pork ribs and caramel apple crumble..If I’d have eaten it all I’d be looking at about 45ish points but as I only ate the starter, a piece of chicken and several ribs and a spoonful of ice cream i’m hoping that the 32 points I’d saved (including yesterdays allowance) was enough to cover it..
Today need to get my bum into gear and finish off the housework, start my uni work, do the ironing and shake this miserable mood i’m in out as I’m getting quite fed up of myself to be honest!
Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend x

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