Feeling stressed!

I’m feeling stressed! I have 10 weeks until I need to hand in my management report and so far, I’ve done jack all! I really need to get my head into uni mode and get this done, as soon as its done i’ll never have to pick up a uni text book again! But there’s so much other stuff going on as well like work, WW, preparing for christmas, being a good friend to my mates who are having a proper shit time of it at the moment and I dunno if its just me being extra sensitive but there are babies everywhere…friends having babies, new babies at work, friends on facebook announcing their news..I’m sure its just me but because i’m more aware of it does this mean I’m seriously considering having one….I’m feeling guilty because i’ve got no time for the gym when I really need to get my ass down there and get my lard shifted! But I have no time….

Hubby’s getting busier too, he’s working on a web design project with a friend so is up all night working on that, he’s accepting every opportunity to help with his football teams games, he’s a coach / scout for a League football team, as well as being a manager of 11 people within his workplace – i’m a bit scared he’s spreading himself too thinly…God, what a pair we make eh?

Anyway, this week I’m at work until Wednesday then weigh in (I’m feeling a bit bloated this week as I’m expecting mother nature sometime over the weekend so am hoping for a STS!), Thursday we’re christmas shopping and Friday we’re at a family wedding (I’m wearing a dress!!!!). Then hopefully at the weekend I can get my head in a few uni books and make a good start on my project! Wishful thinking…

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  • Reply lanabanana24 27/10/2009 at 8:09 pm

    Yay.. You're wearing a dress!!! I love it- Its great being able to wear new things (well if you're like me- I wouldn't never have dreamt of wearing what I do now….I am never out of tights and boots and dresses – tis great!!)

    As for babies… I find myself looking at them a lot.. I would love one..but I cant imagine deciding right- Lets start trying.. :-/

    Scary.. :)

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