Best laid plans

So I know I’ve got a meal to plan for at the weekend. It’s at a Beefeater where the points value for a basic meal (starter/main/pud) is at least 30 points… I’m struggling! Have attempted to save 5 points today by having a ww ready meal for tea, but have come home from seeing my in-laws and I could eat the back end of a horse! I’m starving…well not literally but you get my jist! Have scoffed 3 bags of french fries and some cereal so I have no points to carry over now..hhhmmmppp!!!
Anyways, am hoping to get my bum to the gym tomorrow night even if I am asleep on my feet and do at least an hours graft then again on saturday and sunday so I can enjoy my meal out. I am just so desperate to lose again at next weeks weigh in i’m scared of enjoying my food…ahhhhhhh

Anyways am off to watch the end of Masterchef The Professionals whilst cooking up some zero point celery soup! Ta-ra x

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