Well weighed in and lost 1.5lb so am very pleased with that! Also got presented with my 50lb certificate this evening and I got all excited as my card reads 50.5lb lost BUT my records at home show a different story of 49lb so I’m not sure I’ve actually reached the 50lb goal but I cant be much of it so I’m gonna accept it graciously and have another great week to try and lose the next half a stone before mid November.

Have pigged out this evening, had a load of points left for tea after virtually starving myself to death today (not out of choice I must add) and so I enjoyed a sausage special from the chippy with mushy peas and a bar of dairy milk…yum yum….
Have quite a bit to look forward to this week – my 17 month old nephew is staying over on Friday night so me and hubby are going to take him to the farm on Saturday, on Sunday my hubby is playing in a supporters game versus the allstars and then its half term at work. Although I’m working during most of half term it’ll be lovely and quiet and hubby will be home to get the jobs done…(haven’t told him which jobs I want doing yet!) Then, next Friday we’ve got a family wedding and the following Tuesday is my birthday so lots to plan for and i’m quite looking forward to it all…off to bed now I’m beat x

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