Very productive weekend..

I’ve had a good weekend. Yesterday I did stuff round the house and made a big batch of soup for the week ahead. We’ve been car booting this morning and took all our unwanted stuff (mostly books, craft bits and bobs and some of Greg’s old playstation games) and we did well. We’ve come home with just under £80 and most of the stuff has been sold. I can’t believe how ‘professional’ some of the car booters are, coming along with batteries to test stuff and haggling down already cheap items to next to nothing. We got there at 7:45am (I didnt know this time existed on a Sunday!!) and as soon as we parked up we had people wanting to look at the stuff we had to sell. We’re planning to use the money towards a new carpet for the front room which we are turning into our living room (at the moment it’s my uni study room and Greg’s office) and the exisiting living room will be turned into a dining room complete with dining table and sideboard (I am so excited to have a dining table and have dinner parties!!!) All in all a very productive weekend.

The week ahead – busy week at work, going to a schools recruitment service roadshow in Birmingham, have various meetings planned and have to complete my proposal for my management report (which needs the permission of the Headteacher at my school as the report itself will be based on the school).

Not sure if anyone else has had the same experience but i’ve recently decided to come off the pill which I have been taking since 2003 in order to get my body back to its normal routine for when we decide to have a family (we would like to start trying next year if possible). I’ve only been off the pill for 2 weeks and so far I’ve had terrible spots, a really hot ear and a really itchy head! Its so wierd..has anyone else had any wierd reactions when coming off the pill?

Anyway, i’m off for an early night I’m shattered…hope you all have a good week

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