Totally pissed off!


How on earth did I put on 1lb when I have been so good and well behaved! I'm really gutted 'cos I'm continuing my trend to yo-yo up and down each week. I really wanted to lose again this week and it hasn't happened. So as of tomorrow I'm going to OCD my tracking, drink more water and get a bit more organised…I am slightly stressing about my uni work and some people at work are getting to me and I'm also worried about seeing my friend on saturday!!! Grrrrrr its all too much again, all I want is an easy life! Roll on 2010..
Anyway enough of all that crap, here's to a better week of weightloss and a more chilled week for me…

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  • Reply Bryher Hill 20/09/2009 at 6:33 pm

    Pants when we gain for no reason – luckily I normal have reasons for mine! Hopefully it'll be gone by next week hun, just an odd blip!

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