Putting life into perspective

Had a text off an old friend earlier today who has told me she has cancer…I am absolutely gutted for her. We went to primary and high school together but fell out over something completely silly and insignificant (probably boys and other so-called friends!) when we were in the last year of high school and then life took us separate ways. It was only last year when I spotted her on friends reunited that I sent her a message and we have been in touch ever since. I haven’t met up with her yet for a purely selfish reason…she will see how big I have got! I think deep down I’m embarrased to meet up with her because I haven’t got a reason for being so big, she’s had 2 children and she’s still a slim sized 8. I’ve text her to find out when she is free to meet up and hopefully i’ll get to see her before her treatment starts as we have so much to catch up on.
The news has got me thinking…I really do want to start a family…. but I’m scared I’m too fat and how on earth would we afford it? Got so much to think about now, my usual response would be to hit the cupboard and reach for the chocolates but i’m going to make some soup for the rest of the week and have a cup of tea! Life’s a bitch isnt it?

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