Went to weigh in last night and faced the music! I put on 4.5lb……oooooopsss! I really am rubbish at sticking to the plan when I go away, and my sister was there encouraging me to eat crap….no actually I didnt need much encouragement at all, it just kept falling down my throat! I am useless!
Anyway, above is my line i’ve drawn and today i’ve stuck to my points and I’ve eaten really well (apart from the chocolate brownie my colleague had baked for us all…I’m convinced she’s one of those fat feeders who eats so much crap herself but doesnt put an ounce on! She eats samosas, huge baguettes full of cheese and naughty stuff, KFC, Mcdonalds and right in front of me too! Its not fair) I have 4 points left today which I am forfeighting for a few sweets I ate at work today so i’m on the 0 pt squash again tonight. Am planning making some soup at the weekend for next weeks lunches and will be going to the gym this weekend to earn a few more bps! I need to get rid of this excess baggage….

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