Lost the plot!

Well since gaining that stupid 1lb I’ve lost the plot completely. I haven’t tracked, I haven’t said no to naughty food in the office and I haven’t been to the gym and I have absolutely no idea why! Didn’t get to weigh in on Wednesday either as Greg had an open evening at school so I stayed at home with Mikey (our dog). I’m also feeling very very emotional at the moment and i’m not sure if its to do with stress at work/uni, my friends battle with cancer, coming off the pill etc but I was watching the X factor last week and I was getting all teary. I know I’ve been ‘comfort’ eating and I know that I eat crap when I’m emotional so I’m hoping that this is just a phase and I need to get a grip and get back in control.
So now, I am taking control!

So far today, I’ve had a cup of tea (2 sweetners), 2 pieces of ‘warburtons toastie’ toast with ww strawberry jam and 4 pink and white’s. I’m planning on having pasta with ww pasta sauce for my tea as Greg’s out at his cousins stag do and hates pasta so I get to eat what I want today!

Got some uni work to do today as I’m meeting the Headteacher on Monday to talk through my proposal which I am quite nervous about to be honest, but as long as i’m prepared I’m sure it will go ok! That’s it today really… have offered to pick Greg up tonight at stupid o’clock from Wolverhampton as we really can’t justify £30 for a taxi when we only live 8 mile away, think its daylight robbery!

Oh and just got to get this off my chest too, work have decided to introduce a works uniform to promote a corporate image to our clients and therefore they’re going to buy us all 2 suits (one black / one grey) to wear in the office. I think it’s a great idea, but when you’re the biggest in the office and the other girls range between a 6 and 12 its just going to end in disaster! I asked for suits from Next as I know they have stuff to fit me but we’ll see how it goes!

Hope everyone has a restful weekend x

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