Good result this evening!

Well went to get weighed this evening and I lost 3lb! Am very pleased with that considering a few accidents I had going over my points last week. I’m also very pleased with my soup that I’ve been making for my lunch at work. It’s the potato and onion soup as recommended on esource and it is delicious. It’s 4 point per recipe and I tend to make 3 portions so each portion is approx 1.5 points. Have made 2 batches this week and I’m not bored of it yet!
Only 2lb to go til I’ve reached my lowest ever weight with Weight Watchers so I’m going to be EXTRA good this week and make sure I break into the next stone bracket next week.
I’ve got my postgraduate graduation tomorrow which I’m not looking forward to. First of all, uni have made us pay for our guest tickets at a cost of £10 each (what a flamin’ cheek!), I was only allowed to purchase a maximum of 3 tickets (I need 4…for my in-laws, my husband and my sister…currently hubby is not going to be allowed in unless we can beg a ticket tomorrow when we arrive!), I’ve had to pay £34 to borrow the graduation outfit which I will only wear for 2 hours and to top it all off my buddies aren’t graduating with me as uni told them they were too late to respond to the invitation….hmmmppph!!! Still I’m very proud of my achievements and I’ll post a piccy of me in my cap and gown to show you all once I get one taken…

Off to bedfordshire now, I’m whacked…Night y’all x

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