Week 52 weigh in!

Tonight I’ve celebrated my one years service with Weight Watchers with a 3lb loss at the scales. Woohoo! Am extremely pleased and have had fish, chips and mushy peas for tea and i’ll be right back on track tomorrow. I need to smash through the next stone bracket as there’s only 0.5lb standing between the two brackets so I am DETERMINED to push through it for next week. The clerk asked me tonight how I’d got on this week and I admitted to having OCD tracking! Can it be a bad thing? Not if it helps me lose 3lb every week….

Have got a major lie-in planned for tomorrow as I’m on annual leave now until next Wednesday and a trip to the gym and the pool penciled in for the afternoon. Suppose I better do some packing for the camping trip too!

Just watching Ugly Betty whilst checking out the WWBoards and then I’m off to pick Greg up from Sutton as he’s gone out with the lads tonight to watch the footy! I’m much cheaper than a taxi..(should I admit to that?…ooops I just have!)

Night y’all x

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