Week 49…

Well it’s week 49 of my weight watchers journey and this week I have lost 2.5lb! Taking my grand total loss to 45.5lb! I am very very jealous of Lana‘s success who has done incredibly well and is still shrinking so well done Lana you continue to be an inspiration to me and you are looking fantastic! I’m also quite jealous of Alice‘s success, as this young lady has done incredibly well and also looks fantastic! So thank you ladies, although I have never met you, you both give me incredible support through your blogs and fb and I do thank you loads!!

Well, since my last blog which was months ago, I have since completed my 3rd Race for Life which was brilliant and I raised over £200 so I am incredibly grateful to all of you who donated to Cancer Research UK. Thank you xx

Am off to France on Saturday for a few days camping and am hoping I can keep the diet up as I really want to break into the next stone bracket now which is only 2lb away! So I best stay clear of the French bread and cheese….

On my return I am planning on hitting the pool with avengence (sp!) have recently changed gyms and the new gym has a fantastic pool…so i’ve invested in a pair of goggles so I can do it properly with my head in the water and everything…will let you know how I get on!
Hope you all have a good week, Bon Voyage! x

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