More tea vicar…..


Back to work tomorrow after two weeks holiday and I don’t really want to go back! I do love my job so I know that it’s not that I don’t really want to go back I just really love being at home pottering around, having a lie in and spending time with Greg and Mikey..(For all of you who don’t know my husband Greg is a Teacher and therefore is extremely lucky and is given a weeks plus holidays every 6-8 weeks!! I don’t sound too bitter do i? ha ha)

Got back on track with WW yesterday tracking everything I have eaten and drunk, bizarrely since I was ill last weekend I have found that I love drinking tea again with sweetener (I went off drinking tea last October when I was ill with the flu and couldn’t stand the smell or taste)..I’ve also had a renewed joy for orange squash so I’m powering my way through that too at the moment which is great ‘cos its no points!!
Didn’t manage to get to the gym this weekend, I had mountains of washing to do and have felt extremely guilty about not spending time with Mikey since we got him back from the Kennels so took him for a nice walk instead….Am hoping to get to the gym or possibly swimming tomorrow night as I really want to kick off my weight loss post illness with a renewed motivation for all things weightloss! It’s nearly been a whole year with WW and therefore I want to try my best to keep this weight loss moving in the right direction… I need to get off this plateau and move into the next stone bracket…I’m going to try and keep a very honest diary of what I’ve eaten this week and then post it on here for everyone to tell me where I’m going wrong and possibly give me their words of wisdom for me to improve on…I shall let you know how I get on…

Anyway, am off for a shower and some beauty sleep….night x

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