I’ve got that friday feeling…

I feel really motivated at the moment, I think it’s because last night I had a trawl through my weigh in card and realised that I have been in the same stone bracket for a whopping 39 weeks! Just imagine how many lbs I could have lost if I had been really good and not yo-yo’d around for such a long time! Anyway, i’m not going to dwell on it now (think i’ve already done that too much) and now i’m back completely and totally on track with tracking, gyming and swimming…

Having chicken ratatouille (sp!) with new potatoes for my dinner for a grand total of 7 points which I think is a bargain considering how much veg there is.. and then i’ve got 2 pts from yesterday banked with 2 remaining for tonight so I can have a pink and white feast! I love ’em! Each one is only 0.5pt so I can splurge on them more than I would with a bar of chocolate..

Am also trying to re-style my blog and I got into a complete mess with HTML codes last night, I think I should leave the technical computery stuff to my hubby but anyways if youhappen to stumble on my page whilst i’m having a play around, please bare with me and i’ll be with you shortly!

Enjoy your Friday evening x

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