Insert moody sulky face here….

Went to weigh in tonight and managed to put on 1.5lb! Am not impressed to be honest as I have tracked everything I have eaten and drunk since Saturday as I was eating properly from then onwards and as far as I’m aware I haven’t gone over my points and I’ve been really good….Oh well, am hoping it’s just the evidence of having my monthly last week and not eating proper meals.. I’ve already visited the gym once this week (45mins cardio work and then a 20 min swim!) and am going tomorrow night too hopefully I can get off this plateau i’m firmly wedged on!

Will continue to track everything and will probably upload my weekly meals here at the weekend for you peeps to have a gander at. Have to admit, am getting slightly depressed about maintaining in this stone bracket, just wish I could sneek under the next one….anyway, line drawn and tomorrow I will be well and firmly on track for next weeks loss!

I will get there I will!!

Dont have many plans for the weekend.. my nephew Kye (15 months) is coming to stay overnight on Friday as his mom and dad will be both working early Saturday morning…I love having him, he’s so cheeky and he changes so much week to week. I am so lucky that we don’t live too far away and so we can spend time with him.
And yep, I am broody but unfortunately am far too sensible at the moment with finishing off my cipd qualification and being so fresh into my job…and know that financially I don’t think we are ready for a baby yet! Although is there ever a right time? I dunno….I’d also be worried about having a baby being so overweight, I’ve read some stories where overweight women have had absolutely fine pregnancies and very healthy babies but then there’s the odd few that say being overweight has caused all these problems for their babies and I don’t think I could do that, I’d feel selfish! So there’s another incentive to get my ass to the gym, the idea of having a baby! Eeeek!!!

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