I’m holding my hands up….

I have overeaten this weekend BIG styley! Went to Weston Super Mare for a weekend of camping with my hubby Greg, my sister Toni, brother in law Lee and nephew Kye (pictured opposite). It was a lovely weekend but I have fell off the wagon completely. I’ve had chinese, pizza and fish & chips, not to mention all the other crap that seems to have fallen down my neck! I have absolutely no willpower when I go away so weigh in on Wednesday is going to be dreadful. I’m going to get back on track completely tomorrow as for dinner this evening we’re sharing a curry. I don’t know why I do it to myself but I’ll probably put on again this week continuing my yo-yoing routine but I am determined to get to my 4 stone loss by October so I have 4 weeks to lose about 9lb! I can do this as long as i’m really good which I am going to be….as of tomorrow! Not back at work until Wednesday so I think I’ll be hitting the gym for a few hours tomorrow and getting ready for the long haul back at work until Christmas which is when I next get some holiday..boo!!

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