Happy Monday

Well it’s Monday and I’m really chuffed to say that I’m still on track (religiously tracking to be honest!) and planning my meals so that I can have a healthy but filling dinner to stop me snacking late at night. Tonight we’re having barbequed chicken with home made coleslaw with brown rice for a grand total of 10 points. The new WW cookbook ‘Weekdays’ has become a favourite in our house, it has some brilliant recipes in it. Very much worth the money. Have noticed that there’s a new cookbook out for winter so may have to invest in that too over the next few weeks.

Have had a brilliant weekend with my nephew Kye (15 months), took him to the park on Saturday afternoon and he really enjoyed the swings and the slide. His mom and dad were both working on Saturday so he stayed at our house on Friday night and to be honest we really loved having him. He is such a clever little boy for his age, he was picking his favourite story book and asking Uncle Greg to read it to him whilst he looked at the pictures with a big smile on his face….

Having being on the 5+ message boards today, i’m considering doing the Wendie plan for a week to see how it fairs…some people have had really good weight loss whilst others haven’t really seen much of a difference to their normal weightloss.. However it won’t be this week ‘cos we’re off camping at the weekend to Weston with my sister and her family. Really looking forward to getting away for a long bank holiday weekend. Me and my sister have planned our main meals for the weekend to make sure we stay within our points and as she will be in her caravan she gets to do the cooking as it has a proper oven and grill. Will be doing lots of walking on the beach too so lets hope the weather picks up and is nice and sunny.

Have had a sneaky peek at the scales and although it’s showing I have lost I’m not taking that for granted as my scales tend to give me dodgy results. So, fingers crossed for a good couple of days then weigh in on Wednesday evening…haven’t looked forward to a weigh in for ages!!

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