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June 2009

    Feels like i’ve failed….

    Weight Watchers is so hard when you’re not in the right frame of mind….take me for example, since February my weight has been yo-yoing losing a few pounds here and there and then putting them straight back on again. Looking at my ww card I’m weighing the same as I was way back in February and I’m not happy! Ok, so I have had a lot on my plate….I changed my job and I’ve completed my uni course passing all my exams but my weight loss has really suffered. I think I’ve used food as a bit of an excuse saying oohhh we’ll have a curry to celebrate and not realising what that will do at the scales!
    Anyway enough is enough so yesterday I printed off a brand new tracker and started to weigh and track everything! If I’ve eaten it, i’ve written it down. Am also back at the gym which I love but think i need to up my levels and really give it my all. I’m still doing the programme which I did when I first started and now I think I’m a bit fitter and should be able to step up my game. Race for Life is drawing closer….about 4 weeks away so looking forward to that, anyone with spare change I would really appreciate your support and as the tesco slogan says every little helps…
    Weigh in is now on a Wednesday evening with a new leader called Gina, she’s friendly and a lot more helpful than the last leader so lets hope she helps me lose this extra baggage..wish me luck :)