I’m back..again!

I’ve become really rubbish at updating the ole blog! It’s been a busy past few weeks, uni is really stressing me out as I’ve only got 3 weeks to hand everything in and I’m feeling the pressure! I’ve started my new job which is great but i’m concentrating so hard to try and remember everything and make a good impression i’m just knackered…weight loss has been a bit wierd lately last week I put on a ma-hussive 3.5lbs which I cannot explain…possible reasons time of the month I dunno but was pleased to weigh in last night and i’d lost 5lb! I’m now at my lightest since starting WW and probably the lightest for a good few years which is great!

Busy few months ahead so here’s my plan…
Now until the end of April = Get uni coursework in
May = Revision for my last 2 uni exams
June onwards = gym, gym, gym – get fit for Race for Life in July

Am really going to try to get back on track with WW as I’ve just looked at someone’s blog and she started out the same weight as I am now and she now looks amazing…Thanks Alice, you’re an inspiration! To inspire me a little further I’ve also promised myself some treats with my weight loss as incentives…when I lose my next stone (i’ve got 9lb to go ’til 4 stone loss!) i’m going to get myself some GHD hair straighteners and when I’ve lost the next stone (5 stone loss) me and my hubby Greg are going away for the weekend…that should be enough to get my butt moving!!

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