I’m back!!!

Well I’m back in good ole blighty and I am so pleased to be home..don’t get me wrong I had a really good week in Paris (we got a few snow showers too!) but I really missed my husband Greg and our woofer Mikey..Spending 6 days with the girls I only see for a few hours every Wednesday was quite intense especially as we all had different ideas about the week was going to be spent but luckily we managed to get to Friday without any arguments and we passed our presentation which counts towards our marks for the module..Was able to do a tiny bit of sight seeing, did plenty of walking and didnt eat too disasterously as I had imagined..I couldn’t afford to be a pig it was €4.50 for a hot chocolate! Am getting back on track tomorrow as we had no food in this weekend and am back at work tomorrow too thats if we’re not snowed in…thats wishful thinking isnt it?!

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