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February 2009

    I’m back….

    Whooops…I’ve been so busy the last couple of weeks I forgot to update my blog! Well whats happened since I my last post, erm…I put on 2lb ..left my job as HR Administrator and started my new job as HR Admin Manager and lost 3lb this week!! All in all a good couple of weeks and I am loving my new job so far (only started yesterday!) I’m wearing my new clothes that are a size smaller than I used to fit into and I feel really good…Am trying to motivate my sis too at the moment as she has been slipping off the ol’wagon a bit, I’m texting her everyday to see if she’s being good with her food and so far she’s doing really well! Keep it up tone, it’s working!!
  • Weigh in result!

    well I stayed the same this week which I think is really good considering I’ve been to France and had ‘bad’ foods! Am trying so hard to be good but for some reason I…

  • I’m back!!!

    Well I’m back in good ole blighty and I am so pleased to be home..don’t get me wrong I had a really good week in Paris (we got a few snow showers too!) but…